Wealthcare, Er, I mean, Healthcare Rant

With the movement to reform health care, and the promoting of an undesirable healthcare reform invoice, many are seeking out answers, as the general public, if now not in direct “want” of a doctor, know a person who is. yet, for a few purpose, they do now not want to pay for that man or woman’s healthcare. i wonder why! i’m writing in element due to a death that would had been averted, if health care turned into now not in the commercial enterprise of huge cash.yes, healthcare has historically made a commercial enterprise off of humans’s sickness, and has no longer promoted wellbeing, hence any other sufferer of this madness has died, leaving 2 children motherless.modern-day news is evidence that the regulation acknowledges the rightfulness, the responsibility, of prevention, even supposing it is thru management of a important diet (in this situation, mineral), as opposed to drugging, cutting, or in any other case ineffectively “taking care” of the problem!For individuals who have not heard, i’m regarding a 44 12 months old lady, Caroline Johnston, who died this closing week of a loss of potassium. The emergency room personnel had determined that she changed into dehydrated, and had low degrees of potassium in her system, however best gave her the water, no longer the potassium (her own family just gained a fit for malpractice). would it be giving an excessive amount of credence to the energy of nutrients, or is the healthcare enterprise just not educated in prevention?The healthcare enterprise (and it’s far a business, it could had been known as “wealthcare” for the doctors) addresses the sickness industry, and does now not promote well-being. as an example, is the person who, due to clogged arteries has a bypass, nicely? what number of human beings have had to have another bypass? what is the cost of one pass? How does one skip have an effect on someone’s monetary situation, even if the surgical procedure become totally covered?examine this with the person that by means of proper ingesting and life-style conduct avoids the bypass altogether. what is the fee of consuming proper, even accounting for extra measures taken, together with joining a gym, or taking antioxidant dietary supplements?My proposed solution is to sell mastering and to save you sickness. this would essentially call for a complete re-consciousness of the healthcare enterprise from simply treating illness, to focusing on health and the prevention of sickness. as a minimum, it’s going to save tens of millions of bucks, and at the maximum, trillions, with many lives bettered and stored. appears like reform to me! To do something to take again manage of your fitness and budget, visit my internet site underneath.